Addictions & Substance Misuse

You don’t have to manage addiction alone…

Are you using a substance frequently that is causing you to feel unhappy? Do you feel like you have little or no control over your actions? Is your substance misuse leading to difficulties in your professional, social or home life?  Our therapists can support you to regain control of your addictive behaviours using science-backed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

What Are Addictions & Substance Misuse

Addiction and substance misuse are defined as being unable to stop doing, taking or using something even if it’s harmful to you. Addictions can be most commonly associated with gambling, drugs, alcohol, sex and smoking, but it’s possible to be addicted to other activities including: 

⦿ Work or professional development

⦿ Excessively using the internet

⦿ Frequent social media or gaming use

⦿ Shopping both in store and online


What Causes Addictions & Substance misuse?

There are many reasons that people can become addicted to substances. For example drugs, alcohol, and nicotine all have an effect on how you feel both physically and psychologically. Because these substances make you feel good, it can be hard to stop using them. 

This is similar with gambling which may also lead to a similar feeling of ease when players win a hand, followed by the strong urge to try again for another high; this ultimately can turn into a habit and become very hard to stop. 

About the author of this service

Mr. Michael Swift
Senior Integrative Psychotherapist

Michael holds qualifications in Psychotherapy & Health Psychology.

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What Does Therapy Involve?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that is often used to manage substance misuse and behavioural addiction. CBT is an evidence-based approach that aims to help people make healthier choices by identifying negative thoughts. The technique is based on the belief that substance misuse often becomes more difficult to manage because of dysfunctional patterns of thoughts and beliefs.

Physical, mental, and emotional difficulties such as negative thought patterns can often prevent individuals from recovering. One of the reasons for this is because they usually lead to feelings of hopelessness. At Swift Psychology, our experts use CBT to address these underlying thought patterns and empower people to a healthier life.

I worked with Michael to help come to terms with my alcohol dependence. I feel like it helped me to get a better understanding of my difficulties, but also made me feel that I wasn’t alone in managing it. – Verified Client Review

Once you have identified the thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns that are maintaining your substance misuse, our therapists will be able to teach you how to replace them with a range of coping techniques, problem solving skills and a healthier lifestyle. Once you acknowledge these patterns, you will be empowered to change them in a safe and compassionate environment.

With your therapist you will work through several stages to manage your substance misuse including:

⦿ Identifying negative patterns of thoughts that lead to substance use

⦿ Challenging underlying thoughts and behaviours that generate setbacks

⦿ The development of coping mechanisms to manage cravings

⦿ Working towards other more positive values in your life

⦿ Problem solving and solution focused skills

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