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Have you recently lost someone or something you cared about? Are you often thinking about things you should have done or said? Are you experiencing a mixture of feelings such as anger, sadness, shock or relief? Our compassionate therapists help you to navigate through grief and bereavement in a safe, caring and non-judgemental setting. 

What is Bereavement?

It is natural to feel pain and sorrow after we lose someone that we care about. Often we will experience feelings of shock, sadness, confusion, loneliness and anger. Bereavement counselling can help us to make sense of our loss and to take healthy steps towards grieving. 

Often when we experience the death of a loved one we will transition through five stages of grief that include:

Denial: Common feelings in the early days of bereavement include numbness and detachment. Some people continue to act as if nothing has happened. It’s also very common to feel the presence of someone who has died, hear their voice, or even see them.

Anger: It’s natural to be angry when someone dies because death can seem cruel and unfair. You may feel anger at the person who has died, or towards yourself in some cases. Anger is a normal emotion that most individuals experience after someone dies.

Bargaining: Sometimes, it can be hard to accept that we are powerless to control what is happening in the present moment. In bargaining, we start developing deals in our head when trying to feel better. We may bargain with ourselves, or with God if one is religious. It’s common for people in pain to go over past events and ask a lot of ‘what if’ questions, hoping that something could have been changed and that things could have ended up differently.

Depression: Many people feel sorrowful and spend time yearning while they go through their grief. This can be a very intense feeling that may come in waves, potentially over months or years. Life may no longer hold any meaning when someone is grieving. This can be a very frightening thought for many people.

Acceptance: Mourning can feel like nothing will ever be right again, but gradually the pain lessens and it is possible to accept what has happened. Even if we never “get over” the death of someone precious, we can learn to live again, keeping their memories alive with us.




When should I seek support for Bereavement?

Sometimes the grief process can be difficult. You might not be able to work through each stage of the grief process in order or you might have developed depression as a result of your loss. In these cases, it is necessary to talk to a grief counsellor so you can make progress and move on with your life.

Grief counselling will help you deal with your emotions and find ways to cope. Your therapist can provide a safe space for you to process your feelings, when you feel like you’re not processing or moving through grief.

[Swift Psychology] helped me to work through the death of my mother. Laura allowed me to laugh, cry, express frustration and relief all at the same time. -Verfified Client Review

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Senior Integrative Psychotherapist

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What does Bereavement Counselling involve?

Bereavement counselling allows you to explore the grief you are experiencing with one of our highly trained bereavement therapists. You can talk about the person who has died, how their death has and may continue to affect you and how you are now coping. With counselling skills, your therapist can help you to understand what you are going through and develop strategies to cope.

Your therapist will work with you to:

⦿ Offer a safe and confidential space to help explore emotional problems

⦿ Help you make sense of your world without your loved one

⦿ Help you to explore feelings and thoughts, in order to resolve emotional distress

⦿ Help you towards a better understanding of self and others, which in turn may lead to an improved ability to relate to others.

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