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Is your child experiencing persistent difficulties with their mood, thoughts or behaviours?  Would you like to support your child in understanding and managing their challenges? Do you feel your child needs additional support in their home, school or social lives? Our CAMHS psychotherapists provide an engaging and friendly experience to help your child flourish.  

What is Child & Adolescent Mental Health?

It is completely normal for your child to experience challenges and difficulties with their thoughts, emotions and behaviours. However sometimes there may be underlying challenges that your child is exhibiting that may require further support.

There are many different mental health difficulties that children can experience. Some common conditions include anxiety, depression, phobias, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) .

While each child is unique and may experience different symptoms, there are some general trends that you might observe including:

Children with anxiety may have difficulty sleeping, have trouble concentrating in school, or feel like they are constantly on edge.

Depression in children may manifest as sadness, irritability, or fatigue.

Children with ADHD may be hyperactive and have trouble paying attention or sitting still.

And finally, children with autism may have difficulty communicating and interacting with others.

My daughter has been working with Laura for 2 months to help in managing the worries she has around her health. In the space of 5-6 weeks, we were seeing dramatic changes in her behaviour and attitudes to life. Laura is friendly, kind and has been consistently responsive to appointment changes due to covid and school” – Verified Client Review

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Miss. Laura Gwilt
Senior Integrative Psychotherapist

Laura specialises in helping those with emotional and behavioural challenges

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What Does Therapy Involve?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that helps children and young people learn how to change negative thinking patterns and behaviours that are impacting their lives. CBT techniques used working with children and young people can vary depending on the individual child and the specific difficulty being addressed. However, some common CBT techniques used with children and young people include:

⦿ Cognitive restructuring: This technique helps young people to identify and challenge negative thoughts that are contributing to their distress. For example, a child who is struggling with anxiety may be taught how to identify anxious thoughts and then challenge those thoughts by asking themselves whether there is evidence to support them.

⦿ Behavioural experiments: This technique involves helping young people test out new ways of behaving in order to see if they are more effective than their current behaviour. For example, a child who habitually avoids situations that make them anxious may be encouraged to experiment with facing their fears in a gradual and controlled manner.

⦿ Relaxation training: This technique teaches young people how to use relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing) to manage stress and anxiety. Relaxation training can be especially helpful for children who experience high levels of anxiety or who have difficulty controlling their emotions.

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