Integrative Psychological Therapist

Mr. Michael Swift

Michael is an Integrative Psychological Therapist with over 10 years expertise within health-care settings
Mr. Michael  Swift


“I became a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to support those who not only need, but deserve support. My goal is to provide a high level of care, whilst being honest and transparent with the clients I am working with.”

Meet our Psychotherapist

Michael is a warm and adaptable integrative therapist with over 10 years of experience providing clinical and consultancy support in private therapy organisations and large scale occupational interventions.

Michael has undertaken extensive training from BPS accredited courses and holds dual qualifications in Health Psychology and Psychotherapy. He has produced several academic papers and manuals within his further specialist area of occupational health, with his interventions being implemented through several large organisations across the UK.

Michael has received training from several leading experts in the CBT and health anxiety field and has vast experience in the assessment, formulation and treatment of specific phobias, social anxiety disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic, and Somatoform disorders. He also holds certification in virtual reality exposure therapy and neuroscience modulation, areas in which he is an accredited trainer.

Currently Michael is working across several companies providing consultancy based on enhancing client engagement strategies, tailored intervention design and psychological surveillance.


  • Joint Honors Bachelors Degree in Psychology & Counselling
  • Masters Degree in Health Psychology
  • Master Practitioner Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Certificate in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • Certificate in Third Wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
  • Certified in Virtual Reality Therapy
  • Certified Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Technician
  • Doctorate in Health Psychology (Pending 2022)



Michael has a wealth of experience in academic research and practice. He continues to develop and share his findings with organisations across the UK

  • ‘This May Incur Costs’-Effective Supervision in Occupational Health Practice Settings: A Literature Review (M.Swift, P. Anthony & A. Dovey)
  • Occupational Burnout from Theory to Classification: A literature Review (M.Swift & A. Dovey)
  • Protective Occupational Health Practitioners from Burnout (M.Swift & A. Dovey)
  • The role of family and friends in the experience of living with Type 1 Diabetes: An interpretative phenomenological study (M.Swift)
  • Employee Well-Being & Autonomy Review: An appraisal and prospective study for enhancing occupational well-being (M.Swift & A. Dovey)
  • Occupational suicide awareness pathways: Enhancing well-being within fire service personnel (M.Swift & A. Dovey)
  • Managing Health Anxiety in the face of COVID-19 (M.Swift)

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Mr. Michael  Swift
Integrative Psychological Therapist

Mr. Michael Swift

Michael is an Integrative Psychological Therapist with over 10 years expertise within health-care settings. Michael set-up Swift Psychology services to provide a compassionate and effective approach to those experiencing mental health difficulties
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